Trace Russell

Business Development Assistant

Meet Trace Russell

I was born and raised in Cary, North Carolina. I grew up with a twin brother which was very special and has contributed a lot to who I am today! Growing up, I was an avid athlete and a huge fan of any hobbies outdoors. Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate to spend most of my weekends and summers at Lake Gaston. This is where my passion for boats originated, and what created a water enthusiast at a young age. I used to love the lake 100x more than the beach (not even close), but that all changed when I went on my first Deep Sea Fishing trip out of the OBX. I was immediately fascinated by the capabilities of these fishing machines, as well as all the opportunities that the saltwater lifestyle had to offer. I began following saltwater fishing and my passion for boats quickly expanded into a whole new dimension.

Selling and working with boats has always been on my small list of dream jobs since a young age. It was either that or a Pilot. College was my first stepping stone towards making my way to the coast. I graduated from East Carolina University in May of 2022 with a BS in Marketing and a Professional Selling Certification. I started my career in sales because I knew my passion for human interaction paired with my competitive nature would yield me a great opportunity to grow and be successful. After a year in tech sales, I decided it was time to chase my passion for boats and life on the water. 

Off The Hook Yachts has illuminated a unique path for me that incorporates my passions for boats, sales, and helping others. I am beyond excited to be joining this incredible team and to get the opportunity to first-hand learn and grow from the most successful and passionate individuals in the industry. I look forward to growing my network and to sharing my love for boats and the water, while positively impacting others.