Preparing Your Boat to Sell

The time has come to list your boat and you want it to sell as quickly as possible. After all, the faster it sells…the sooner you can move on to your next one! So what makes a boat sell fast?

1. Cleanliness

It may seem obvious, but many sellers post photos of a dirty boats. Leaf stains, fish blood, rust…all of these can immediately deter a buyer and hurt your chances of selling your boat. A few hours with a brush and marine soap can drastically improve your boat’s chances of selling. After all, you’ve never seen a dirty “open house” or showroom car right?

Take water lines off the hull with On and Off, polish any metal on board, and keep electronic screens clean and covered. Polish glass surfaces, clean any cushions, and dry out any carpet on board. A full detail may be the best option, but keeping your boat in a clean state is guaranteed to bring in the buyers.

2. Remove personal belongings

You may still use your boat on the weekends, but when it comes time to sell…be sure to remove all personal belongings. A buyer wants to see a boat free of even the smallest of the past owner’s items. Whether it is koozies, hats, or fishing tackle, your best bet is to thoroughly clean out your boat for photos and for any showings. Check all compartments, the head, fish boxes, and any area a buyer may open up during a viewing. Your goal is to help your buyer imagine the boat as their own, and any clutter can break this effect.

3. Know Your Boat

When you list with a broker, they will be sure to know every feature on your boat, but it is always good to know the basics. Know what works and be sure to tell your broker about the state of the engines, electronics, and any repairs or parts that need to be replaced. Find out engines hours if possible and tell your broker of any mechanical problems you have had over the years.

It is good to also think about selling points. Does your boat have low hours? Only used in freshwater? Cleaned after every use? These are all items to tell your broker which will help him with the listing. If you are really itching to get your boat sold, consider having it surveyed by an accredited marine surveyor. This will put you ahead of many boats on the market and will be shown to interested buyers by your broker.

We will revisit this topic in the future, but these three factors are a solid foundation for a quicker sale. If you have any questions about any of the discussed topics, be sure to contact any one of us here at Off the Hook!

Have a Boat to Sell?