SoFlo Boats Acquisition

SoFlo Boats Acquisition

SoFlo Boats Acquisition


Off The Hook Yachts is very pleased to announce the acquisition of SoFloBoats. As of June 14th, 2019, Bob Crow and Jason Ruegg have teamed up to service the East Coast of the United States and the Bahamas with Nor-Tech products. With locations in Fort Lauderdale FL, Wilmington NC, Annapolis MD, and Brick NJ, and we will be there to support our clients up and down the coast.

“Nor-Tech is rapidly gaining popularity and we could not be more thrilled to bring Bob Crow on board.  Bob has been the #1 producer for Nor-Tech for the last 7 years. We believe that combining his expertise with our network and dealerships across the East Coast of the US is going to be an absolute game-changer for the brand.  We are now not only able to sell and deliver Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats up and down the entire coast, but we can also assist our customers with any of their needs – including warranty, service, and logistics. We also have the ability to take trades against any of our boats and we will be offering financing options as well.” – Jason Ruegg

We will be stocking 34, 39, and 45 Nor-Tech’s across the East Coast.  We will also be announcing upcoming poker runs, demo events, and we will be participating in almost every major boat show.

Meet Bob Crow

Originally from Detroit MI, Bob moved to Fort Lauderdale at a young age.  “I jumped into the marine industry the second I got to Florida,” said Bob. “My dream was to work for Jacques Cousteau. I just didn’t know you needed to be a scientist.” Instead, he worked with Miami Divers, cleaning the bottoms of cruise ships, oil tankers and freighters when they were anchored in Government Cut and the Port of Miami. He had a 100-ton captain’s license and did some charter work in the Bahamas as well. After tiring of scraping boat bottoms, Crow became a yacht broker and it wasn’t long before his outgoing personality and tireless work ethic helped make him a success in his new venture.

Today, Crow is 60 years old and is married to his wife Terri. When he’s not on the water, he’s flying his Stinson 108 bush plane with a 200-hp Lycoming fuel-injected engine. It might sound a little weird to hear about a pilot with a bush plane in Florida, but Crow said he likes to be able to land on a dirt road “at will” and this plane best suits his needs. To date, Bob has sold well over 800 boats and has been the top producer at Nor-Tech for the last 7 years.  What makes Bob different when it comes to Nor-Tech is his passion for the brand and the boat. The first time Bob rode on a Nor-Tech, he and his partner Linc Day, who has now also joined OTH, knew it was something they had to be a part of. They put their first orders in and also started buying inventory from other dealers.

Geoff Tomlinson is the Nor-Tech Dealer Manager and he said he talks to Bob Crow at least two to three times per day. “Bob is our Number One volume dealer for the last two years,” said Tomlinson. “He’s very savvy and there’s something about him that you don’t feel like you’re sitting down with a salesman. He’s just so hands-on with every single project he has going on. You can tell with Bob it’s a pure passion. He loves doing this.”

We welcome our network of dealers, brokers, and consumers to contact us if you have any interest in a Nor-Tech. We specialize in buying used boats /trade-ins and we are happy to co-broker any of our used boat inventory or Nor-Tech products.

Fast, Stylish, and Luxurious

Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats

Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats

Whether you are looking for a day yacht, center console, or a fishing boat, Nor-tech has what you are desiring. Click the link to find a list of all Nor-Tech models available. You can also contact Bob Crow to build the boat of your dreams!

(Above: Nor-Tech 560 Sport Video)

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