Will the Future of Boat Shows Be Virtual?

Will the Future of Boat Shows be Virtual?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on people all over the world. Although we are all thankful to have our health, it has been hard for many boaters to adjust to this “new normal.” Aside from being on the water, one of our favorite ways to interact with the boating community is through attending various boat shows in person throughout the year. The cancellation of all of these annual boat shows has left us and many other boaters with this question: What is the future of Boat Shows?

This year, some of the most popular boat shows that people were able to attend were the Atlantic City Boat Show, Miami International Boat Show, Baltimore Boat Show, New York Boat Show, Chicago Boat Show, and Stuart Boat Show. Shortly after these shows, the Pandemic hit the United States in large numbers and many popular boat shows that we and many others planned on attending were cancelled.

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Virtual Boat Shows

Most popular boat shows have decided to cancel their events for 2020, rather than make them virtual. The Palm Beach International Boat Show was one of the first and only boat shows to go completely virtual this spring. The virtual show included interactive yacht presentations, videos, and live virtual boat walk throughs. Despite being online, the show was still able to feature 436 exhibitors and nearly 800 boats, including over 150 super yachts! The show still offered boating seminars and youth fishing clinics. With positive case numbers still rising in the U.S., we have to ask ourselves if this may be the new normal for boaters, brokers, buyers, and sellers for some time.

Although virtual boat shows may not seem like the most luxurious and inclusive way to interact with the boating community, it can still be beneficial in certain ways. For example, more people will be able to attend more shows without having to worry about travel issues or cost. Virtual boat shows can also be great for people deciding to stay home and continue quarantining, as it provides social interaction without the need to leave the house and worry about becoming infected.

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Off the Hook Yacht Sales Plan

Right now, it is extremely difficult to try and guess where boat shows will be in the future. We would love to think that infection rates will decrease and we will be able to attend future boat shows in person in 2021, but we are preparing for the unpredictable.  Whether boat shows next year or online or face to face, we look forward to meeting fellow boaters and helping you find your dream vessel!

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