What Boat Is Right For You?

What Boat Is Right For You?


If you are thinking about buying a boat, you know that there are multiple factors that go into your final purchase decision. For example, price and availability are two of the most important elements in purchasing a boat. Some of the things that may not be so obvious are how many motors you need, what kind of water you plan on riding your boat in, and what exactly you will be doing on your boat so that you can get the most out of your buying decision. We suggest finding out how many people will be riding in your boat, how much time you will spend on the water, and what you plan on using your boat for as some of the best guidelines. Here are some details about some of the most popular boats on the market!


Best for: Cruising and Entertaining

Capacity: Usually about 8 guests

Typical features: Open bow seating, typically 21 feet or less but can go up to 35 feet

Pros: Plenty of space, versatile (can be used for water-sports such as waterskiing, tubing, etc)

Our favorite brands: Chaparral, Sea Ray, Monterey, Cobalt

Cabin Cruisers

Best for: extended periods aboard

Capacity: can usually sleep up to 12 people in a cruiser under 40 feet

Typical features: Large swim platform, bathrooms, bedrooms, cooking accommodations

Pros: Plenty of space, versatile,

Our Favorite Brands: Chaparral, Sea Ray, Monterey


Best for: sailing, day cruising, boating offshore, overnight cruising

Capacity: 14 maximum

Typical Features: hull, tiller, rudder, mainsail, boom, jib and keel

Length: 7-70 ft

Pros: environmentally friendly, easy to transport

Our Favorite Brands: Beneteau, Catalina Yachts, Jeanneau

Center Consoles

Best for: freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, day cruising, boating offshore

Capacity: Depends on length of the CC

Typical features: swim platform, bathroom, bow seating. In longer models you will probably see a large berth, galley, and air conditioning

Length: 18-65 ft.

Pros: Versatile, great for a day out on the water, optimal seating for guests, ideal for pulling tow-toys and water skiers.

Our favorite brands: Nor-Tech, Cobia, Grady White

For More Pros and Cons of Center Consoles, click here.

Jet Boats

Best for: Day Cruising

Capacity: 10 Max

Length: 14-25 ft

Typical features: swim platform, great for water skier and tow-toys

Pros: slow speed maneuverability, good fuel consumption, fun to drive

Our favorite Brands: Chaparral, Scarab, Yamaha

Inflatable Boats

Best for: Day Cruising

Capacity: 6 Max

Typical features: Trailerable, stable, good tenders

Pros: Relative load-carrying capacity, safe,

Our Favorite Brands: AB Inflatables, Jet Williams

Pontoon boats

Best for: Watersports, swimming, lounging, fishing, day cruising, entertaining groups

Capacity: 15 Maximum, usually between 16 and 30 feet

Typical features:  Safe and thrilling rides, plenty of seating

Pros: Safe and thrilling rides, extremely stable and comfortable

Our Favorites: Bennington, Crestliner, Avalon


Best for: day cruising, overnight cruising, offshore boating

Capacity: 2-8 people

Typical Features: full kitchens, private staterooms, designed to ride slowly and smoothly

Pros: typically fuel efficient, maximum cabin space

Our Favorites: Beneteau, Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats

Catamaran Boats

Best for: Freshwater fishing, Saltwater fishing, overnight cruising, day cruising, offshore boating

Capacity: 2-26 passengers

Length: 16-36 ft.

Typical Features: two hulls

Pros: offers more deck and cabin space than a monohull powerboat of the same length, fuel efficient, stable

Our Favorite Brands: World Cat, Invincible, Freeman


Best for: freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, day cruising, offshore boating

Capacity: 7 Max

Length: 18-30 ft.

Typical features: berth, portable toilet, in larger models you may see a galley, padded sun lounge in bow area

Pros: Can be used as a fishing boat and family cruiser

Our Favorites: Intrepid, Pursuit, Boston Whaler, EdgeWater, Scout, Grady-White


Best for: inshore fishing, day cruising

Capacity: 2- 10 people

Length: 18 – 28 feet

Typical features: small shelter cabin, small berth, small head, lots of storage

Pros: Recreational use with people who want a little shelter and storage space but do not want to upgrade to a full cabin boat

Our Favorites: Jupiter

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