Top 5 Best Trucks for Towing Boats!


Choosing the best truck for towing your boat can seem like an overwhelming challenge. When choosing a truck for towing and launching boats, you must consider criteria such as the weight of the boat, the amount of horsepower needed, and several other aspects to make the process go smoothly. To make the search for the right truck a breeze, here is a list of the top five best trucks for towing boats that you should consider:

FORD F250/350/450

When it comes to the best truck for pulling a heavy trailer or a full-sized boat, you can’t beat the Ford models F250, F350, and F450. If you own a big boat, the Ford Super Duty line of pickups is a smart choice, as even the lowest-rated model has a towing capacity of 12,100 pounds. The F450 can tow up to 19,000 pounds, so you can tow basically anything with that truck. While the F250 is still powerful enough to tow most personal motorboats.

Photo: Ford


The Dodge Ram is the undisputed second place winner for trucks. Some might even say that the Dodge Ram is better than a Ford. Rams are built to be heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. The Ram 2500 and 3500 are both very capable trucks, most models have a towing capacity of at least 11,000 pounds. You’ll be able to tow just about anything you need with one of these trucks, which also have some great safety features.

Photo: RAM


The Chevy Silverado is the third most popular truck for towing trailers and boats. The Silverado has a great towing capacity. Most models like the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra have a towing capacity of at least 13,000 pounds, while diesel 3500 models are rated up to 23,200 pounds. These trucks are often preferred by those in rural areas who tow large amounts of weight.

Photo: Chevrolet


The Ford F150 isn’t as heavy as the super duty line, but it is still a good truck with a towing capacity suitable for most hobbyists. This option is unique among pickups in that it has an aluminum body. This helps to reduce the truck’s weight while increasing its towing and payload capacities. This truck can pull up to 12,200 pounds, which is enough for most boats and loaded trailers.

Photo: Ford


The Tacoma is a compact pickup truck that has the towing power of a full-sized beast. With this truck, you can tow anywhere from 3500 to 6800 pounds, depending on which engine and features you opt for. Any of the Tacoma models will pull a trailer, depending on how heavy you load it. The Tacoma with the bigger engine is best for towing a full-sized boat.

Photo: Toyota

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