The Right Size Boat For You

The Right Size Boat For You

Are you looking to buy your first boat? Are you unsure how much to upsize or downsize from the boat you have right now? Determining what size boat you want is an important part of the boat buying process. To decide what size boat you should get, you should consider what you are planning on using the boat for! We have a list of what size boat you should get for what use.

Bay Boating

Boat Size: 20 to 30 feet
The Right Size Boat For You

Although bays are not as rough as ocean waters, you may still come across a bit of choppiness from time to time. For boating in these waters, you want to get a bot that has decent size as well as maneuverability. You have to be able to avoid buoys, markers, as well as other boats quickly. A bay boat 20 to 30 feet is right for this.

This 2019 Sea Hunt BX 22 BR would be perfect for bay boating!

Offshore Fishing

Boat Size: 30+ feet
The Right Size Boat For You

Offshore fishing can get choppy and rough in the deep waters. It is important that you have a larger boat that is at least 30 feet for these conditions. In a smaller boat, it is possible that the larger waves will toss you around, making your passengers uncomfortable or even put them in harm’s way.

Our beautiful 2001 Jarrett Bay 55 Convertible is an offshore fishing machine. See the drone video here!

Inshore Fishing

Boat Size: 17 to 20 feet
The Right Size Boat For You

If inshore fishing is your hobby, you should get a boat that is 17 to 20 feet long. It is common to come across shallow waters and hard-to-reach areas while inshore fishing, so you need a boat that will be able to ride through those spots and cut through all those tight corners.

We have a 2004 Regulator 23 Center Console that would give you the versatility you need.

Pleasure and Cruising

Boat Size: 20 to 35 feet
The Right Size Boat For You

Sometimes you just want a boat that you can cruise around on with family and friends! In this case, you will need a boat that is around 20 to 35 feet so that everyone has the room they desire. You want comfortability, so a center console or bowrider this size will suit your needs!

A 2011 Sea Ray 330 Sundancer is the perfect boat to cruise on with guests!

Water Sports/Activities

Boat Size: 17 to 25 feet
Yamaha 242

For water skiing, tubing, and all other water sports and activities, the engine is most important. Make sure the boats you are looking at have an engine powerful enough to maintain speed while pulling tubes and skiers. The boat you need for this can simply be a 17-footer, but up to 25 feet should work. It may be a good idea to get a good outboard engine as well.

Next time you are looking for a new boat, look at this guide to decide what size boat you need, and come to Off The Hook Yacht Sales so we can find you the right one! Contact us here.

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