Poker Runs of America

Poker Runs of America

Poker Runs of America

Poker Runs of America

Poker Runs

Many experienced boaters and marine industry workers are aware of the term “Poker Run,” however, some of us have never heard of them. We are here to explain to you one of the newest water sports in the game. 

What are they?

A Poker Run is an event where boat enthusiasts ride boats to multiple checkpoints to collect poker cards. In the meantime, it is time to show off your boat’s speed, aesthetics, and overall performance.  Some of the hottest, fastest, most exotic boats participate all over the United States to play a chance to win. Keep in mind these events are not a race and are judged by the boat’s best poker hand. 

How it works.

The Poker Runs start with each boat participating in navigating (speeding 75+mph) through a watercourse, stopping at five checkpoints along the way to pick up an envelope that has a single playing card enclosed. At the final checkpoint, the envelopes are opened and the boat with the best poker hand is prized as the winner! You could say that winning is purely by chance!

Poker runs usually require a fee to participate, however, some of them are funded by sponsors and are completely free to register. Prizes, such as money, trophies, etc. are donated by the sponsors of the event and are given to the crew that has the best poker hand. Poker run coordinators try and make the runs as scenic and appealing as possible between each checkpoint. Events normally last 2-4 hours to complete. 

Maryland Labor Day Fun Run

Our Off the Hook Yacht Sales Maryland team will be participating in this week’s Center Console Poker Run located in Grasonville, Maryland. The event is on Saturday, August 31, 2019, and goes from 10:30 AM – 7 PM. 

Maryland Labor Day Fun

There will be three stops! The first stop will be held at Red Eye’s Dock Bar from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM. The second stop will be held at Joel’s Beach Bar from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM. The final stop will be at 4 PM at Tiki Lee’s Dock for dinner and drinks on your own playing of poker hands and viewing of the in-water boat show for Center Console end of year deals! Please come out Labor Day weekend and check out our 2019 Cobia 301 and 2019 Nor-Tech 340 we will have on display and in the Runs!

Below are some pictures from the Center Console Poker Run in Grasonville, MD. Thank you to all the sponsors that could make this event possible. Until next year!!

If you are interested in participating or attending a Poker Run this year, here are the following events happening in America, 2019.

September 1

Labor Day Fun Run Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Association

Chestertown, MD

September 6-7

Lake Cumberland Poker Run

Jamestown, KY

September 6-8

1000 Islands Poker Run and Shootout Gananoque, ON

Poker Runs America/APRA Event

(905) 844-8218, ext. 252

September 12-14

Lake Powell Challenge

Lake Powell   928-645-5900

September 13-15

2019 Joe Sgro Memorial Poker Run

Elite Poker Runs

Jersey City, NJ

Tony Scioli (716) 510-9669

September 22

Manhasset Bay Brunch Run

around Manhattan, NY

National Powerboat Association

Bill Frenz  (203) 532-1312

September 20-22

Bruce Nicolle Memorial, Rice Lake

Performance Boat Club

September 27-29

Fall Bimini Blast

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Florida Powerboat Club

(954) 545-1414

September 28-29

River Shiver, ox Lake, IL

Northern Illinois Offshore Club

(847) 587-9677

October 11-13

Florida Keys Fall Fun Run

Florida Powerboat Club

(954) 545-1414

October 12-13

Monster Bash Performance Boat Event

Lake Havasu City, AZ

James Nichols (602) 739-4739

October 13

Brunch Run Around New York City

Port Washington, NY

National Powerboat Association

Bill Frenz (203) 532-1312

November 6-12

27th Annual Key West Offshore

Poker Run

Florida Powerboat Club

(954) 545-1414

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