On The Water With the Boys and Girls Club

On The Water With the Boys and Girls Club


On Wednesday, August 11th, the staff from Off The Hook Yachts had the delight of taking out a few kids from the Boys and Girls Club here in Wilmington for a fun and refreshing day on the water! We chose to collaborate with the Boys and Girls Club because as an organization we support everything they stand for. They do so much for our community and here at Off The Hook, we recognize that and wanted to give back. The excursion was a great opportunity to support the club and the kids in a way that they will remember for years to come.

Their organization’s mission is “to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens” – Boys and Girls Club of America. The club recognizes that kids face adversity and uncertainty in their daily lives and believe that every kid deserves a great future. By providing voluntary afterschool programs they hope to help those in need within their community.

Our staff enjoyed getting to know the kids as they explored Masonboro Island together. It was an exciting time as many of the kids had not been on a boat before or visited the marshy waters of Wilmington. They started the day off at around 9 am boarding up the boats and cruising down the Intercoastal Waterway to Masonboro. The weather was perfect as there were barely any clouds in the sky and after a week of rain, the sun was shining bright.

Once on the island, the kids were able to jump off the boat and play in the water. They did some exploring and participated in sports-related activities while ashore. Each of them was a bundle of energy and truly brought the mood of everyone up all day long. At around noon we provided lunch and were able to enjoy the food with a beautiful view of the intercoastal waters. One of our staff members was able to capture many photos from the day and you can see the kids smiling from ear to ear.

We are happy we could provide the kids with a fun and exhilarating after-school activity out of their normal routine. Our staff had a blast showing the kids around the island and bonding with them over the course of the day. It was surely a nice mid-week break to have and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect! This was our first time doing an activity with the Boys and Girls Club and we look forward to planning another event sometime soon!

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