Nikola Launches Electric Jet-Ski

Nikola Launches Electric Jet-Ski

Nikola Motor Company Announces New E-Vehicle to Market

What a wonderful time to be alive! More and more companies are starting to think about our future in a green way. They are straying away from gas-powered vehicles and inventing all electric vehicles in hopes for a global zero-emission future. Nikola, is an American hybrid truck design company that showcased a new zero-emission product last week at the Nikola World event. Nikola has brought us battery-electric semi-trucks and off-road vehicles. This week Nikola has announced they will be releasing the ‘Nikola Wav,’ or ‘Nikola Water Adventure Vehicle,’ the first electric watercraft jet ski.

The Future of Watercraft

Nikola projects the e-vehicle to hit the market in early 2020. However, you can reserve yours today using this link. It features a waterproof 12-inch, 4k display on the dashboard, LED lights, storage compartments, instant torque and has cruise control. But what about the design of this watercraft? CEO Trevor Milton, got his design inspiration from superbikes and believes this will be the ‘future of watercrafts.’ We can agree!

“Nikola is bringing zero-emission sustainability and technology to the water,” added Milton. “With WAV, you can feel the rush of power and acceleration in your chest, with the sound of the water and breeze in your ears. It’s zero impact and pure fun,” Jordan Darling, Vice President, added.

Here is a video of Nikola’s Wav showing off some of its features. Nikola Wav Video.



Source: Nikola Motor Company


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