Nicaragua Hurricane Relief

Nicaragua Hurricane Relief – Off The Hook Yachts x MAYSEA

1/26/2021 UPDATE

We were finally able to access the rural jungle communities in mid-December. We walked 2.5 hours by foot crossing 10 river beds to visit the families with some supplies. We had five local volunteers with us. For the first trip, we brought the basics: supplies for women, warm clothes and shoes for some children, nutritional products, and so forth. We were able to take inventory of the supplies needed from the damage of the heavy rains and will now hopefully be able to drive in with more.

Much love to you and thanks again for all the support.

Victoria Lazarou

The MAYSEA Movement



11/25/2020: Please take a moment…

Off the Hook Yachts and the MAYSEA Movement have teamed up to raise donations for immediate hurricane disaster relief for children, families, and the elderly for the rural communities in Nicaragua.

Over the course of the last years, the people of Nicaragua have experienced one battle after another.

Specifically, these last weeks have put a huge obstacle in the population’s ability to develop. As if they were not struggling with the lack of already.


We thought that Hurricane Eta, a Category 4 hurricane with winds of about 130 mph hitting the Caribbean Coast of the country was terrible until just two weeks later Hurricane Iota came zooming in as a Category 5 hurricane with 160 mph winds, considered to be the strongest hurricane in history to hit Nicaragua.

Wiping out nearly 60,000 people from their homes and washing out most of the minimal belongings of what people had.

But this time, it is not just about Nicaragua.

This is not just an eye-opener for the country experiencing the tragedy first hand.

This is much more.

This is an eye-opener for the entire world and what we are doing to our planet. The World Economic Forum states that this record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season has added a new chapter to the ‘great climate migration’. This statement says a lot.

And, this is not the start nor is it the end.

This is just an addition to what is to come.

The storms have crystallized the injustice that is playing out around the world as extreme weather becomes more common in a universal destabilized climate.

We are all affected by one another.

We are all affecting one another.

The distance does not matter.


At the MAYSEA Movement, we are no climate experts but our team is on the ground experiencing the aftermath of this climatic happening and trying to pick up the pieces with the local communities.

It is only obvious. It is not just sad – it is real.

And even though you might think it does not affect your current situation, it does. The action needed for a solution is not for one, it is for all.

This is not just flooding for Central America nor is it just a natural disaster. The magnitude is far more immense from a global standpoint.

After having spent the last year on the ground working with rural communities in developing areas, it has brought a lot of clarity to our survival abilities as humans. Coastal communities were not the only climate migrants during this time. We have warmer sea surface temperatures and the destruction just from these two storms will progressively extend further inland.

The successive storms exhausted us, vividly demonstrating how climate change leads to increasingly hyperactive storms as ocean temperatures warm.

Globally, the majority of the world’s countries lack the resilience to accept ecological changes that we are expected to face between now and 2050.


We are asking for donations for immediate disaster relief for children, families and the elderly for the rural communities in Nicaragua but we also ask for your attention in helping to create awareness beyond.

Our environment is your environment too.

Thank you.

With Love,

The MAYSEA Movement and Off the Hook Yachts Team


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