Fourth of July Boat Day

Fourth of July Boat Day

When you think of the Fourth of July, one of the first things you probably think of is taking the boat out on the water. Whether you plan on taking it out in the morning, at night to see the fireworks, or you want to stay out all day, here are some tips to make it the best holiday yet!

Fourth of July Boat Day

Pack Smart

You will most likely end up on the water for hours, whether you plan to or not. You will need to bring all the necessities! Bring the fun drinks and ice, but be sure to also bring plenty of water. Between the heat and the dehydration that comes with drinking alcohol, you will need it! Do not forget to bring towels, some extra dry clothes, toilet paper, and (another big one) SUNSCREEN! Not that old bottle of sunscreen with 4 pumps left, but a full bottle with enough to protect everyone on board.

Get There Early!

Have one person be in charge of making sure everyone is up and ready to go by at least 10-11 am. Spots fill up quick, and you want to claim the best one for proximity to the beach or fireworks if you are making a day out of it.

Assign a DS (Designated Skipper)

The Fourth of July is a holiday that tends to have a reputation for plenty of alcohol consumption. Everyone is entitled to have their fun, relax and have some drinks on their day off work while celebrating our country’s independence. However, it is vital that one person takes on the role of staying sober and driving the boat! Not only can you get a citation for drinking while operating a boat, but you can harm your family or friends. Make sure your designated skipper is responsible and drinks enough water during the day! You can also make them some mocktails for fun.

Keep An Eye On Anchors And Rafting

With all the other boats around, it is important that you watch them when they leave. If they anchor too close to you, they may end up getting caught and dragging you along with them. If you are rafting with friends, tie the boats as tightly as possible to minimize space between the boats.

Watch The Weather

We all wish that weather would be perfect for every holiday spent outdoors, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Keep your eye on the radar while making plans and on the day of the Fourth. You should also check a nautical chart so you can determine where you can safely anchor your boat. You can find nautical charts for your area here.

No matter where you end up this Fourth of July, the members of Off The Hook Yachts hope you enjoy spending the day with friends and family. We also encourage taking the boat out on the water and following these tips for a safe and fun holiday!

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