Deciding Which Boat Is Best For You

Deciding Which Boat Is Best For You

Buying a boat is a big commitment, and therefore it important to throughly consider all factors leading to your decision. It can be overwhelming to choose the best boat for your needs, so here are a few tips on how to make this exciting decision of what kind of boat is right for you.

How do you intend to use your boat?

Figuring out the primary basis of how you’re going to spend your time on your boat is a great first step in deciding what type you should have. Besides cruising around in your new vessel…will you be fishing? Tubing? Traveling? Make a note of what activities you are involved with or would like to become involved with and go from there.

A good starting point is to write down your list of “must-haves” in your vessel. Based off this list, decide which style of boat would make the most sense for you and/or your family. A center console? A bay boat?

Who is going to be on the boat?

Size is an important factor when picking out a boat. Will it just be you and your friends fishing? Or will it be a family vessel. Determining carrying capacity early will help resolve any overcrowding down the road.  Just be sure to have a lifejacket for every person on board!

Where will you be using your boat

Do you like to go fishing inshore or offshore? Are you planning on overnight cruising? Will you be in both fresh and saltwater? The location of where you will be utilizing your boat is an important factor due to different hulls, engines, designs, etc. that would adapt most to your water conditions. It is also important to think about trailering, dry storage or wet storage, and whether or not you will need weather protection.

For example…for many North Carolina waterways, having an outboard engine and low draft are crucial for inshore fishing. If you plan on heading out to the Gulf Stream, twin engines and a larger vessel are recommended.

If you have any questions before buying a boat, feel free to give us Off the Hook Yachts a call or leave a comment and we can help you determine which boat is best for you! 

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