Coastal Carolina RV & Boat Show Review

Coastal Carolina RV & Boat Show Review

Coastal Carolina RV & Boat Show

On March 28th and 29th, Off the Hook Yacht Sales headed out to the First Annual Coastal Carolina RV and Boat Show. The event was hosted at Mayfaire Town Center, which was very convenient for us, only a five – minute drive up the road! There ended up being an amazing turnout both days with thousands of people shuffling in each day.

Kyle Ginthner, who ran the tent for the weekend, said, “it was great getting to meet and network with people who are actually in the market for a boat.” At the tent we had our whiteboard displaying some of our current boats for sale including Grady-Whites, Regulators, Boston Whalers and Pursuits. We also had a few cool prize winning opportunities: sign up for our newsletter and get a free sticker, a business card fish bowl raffle to win a t-shirt, and submit a trade for a free t-shirt as well.

We ended up acquiring many interested trades and giving out a lot of stickers; people love stickers. Discovering more about what kind of boats people in the Wilmington area are interested in was definitely a huge take-away from the show. Besides talking to people passing by, we also got to reach them on a broader level with the radio. A 94.5 “The Hawk” host came over to the tent, handed Kyle a mic, and gave him the floor for giving a shout  out for Off the Hook. This was another reason why the weekend was a success; you never know what can happen at a boat show!

Although it was pretty chilly out, the boat show could not have gone better and everyone involved enjoyed the weekend.. It was awesome getting to interact with the locals and just having a great time.

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