Best East Coast Boating Towns

Best East Coast Boating Towns

Summer is arriving and it is time to get your boat out on the water! Summer is all about traveling so check out these six amazing boating towns on the east coast. If you’re planning on making a move and you have or want a boat, these cities would also be great places to relocate to!

Annapolis, MD

With the location being right on the Chesapeake Bay, it is impossible not to love Annapolis. This city has a known reputation for being a hot spot for boaters and sailers. It is also a great place to go swimming or crabbing. Looking at the miles and miles of coastline and the extensive collection of marinas and harbors, why would you plan your next boating trip anywhere else?

Charleston, SC

In Charleston, boating and being in the water is something everyone considers part of their everyday life. There are plenty of boating clubs available and downtown is a great place to head to after a long day on the water. The atmosphere is peaceful and historic, and there are endless things to do on and off the water!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale is home to the Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, one of the largest in the world. Clearly this is a HOT spot for boats of all kind. The beach is beautiful and there are canals and inlet waterways all around, increasing the number of waterfront properties. This city has so much to offer for boaters!

Miami, FL

With Florida being Florida, it is not surprising that they made our list twice. Miami has a very different atmosphere from most places. It is filled with diverse cultures and amazing restaurants on top of their warm weather, which is perfect for year round boating adventures. Take a trip to the beach and you will never leave! There are many activities available in Miami, but as far as boating goes, this city is hard to top.

Virginia Beach, VA

If you prefer something a little cooler than Florida, Virginia Beach is probably a good fit for you. Between the ocean, bay, rivers and lakes, there are plenty of bodies of water for you to bring the boat out to. Boating is simply a way of life for many of the people residing in Virginia Beach, making it the perfect place to visit or live with your boat.

Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC

We may be a little bit biased since we live here, but Wilmington is the best little beach town on this list. Wrightsville Beach is located 10 minutes away and it is home to surfers, boaters, and many other water lovers. You can boat over to Masonboro Island, Mason’s Inlet, or even take a boat ride on the Cape Fear River downtown! Whether you want to go fishing, cruising, or just hang out on the boat for the day, Wilmington is the place to go! See a full list of Wilmington spots here.

You may want to switch it up and move to a new location with your boat, or you might just want a new vacation spot for the summer. Either way, any of the cities on this list will suit your needs! If you do plan on boating to one of these places, make sure to download some of these apps to help you out!

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