All About Boat Storage: What's Right For Your Boat?

Deciding where to store your boat should be one of the first thoughts you have when purchasing a vessel. This will coincide with your overall budget and the size of your boat. There are advantages to each form of storage it just depends on what is right for you and your needs. You are not locked into a storage option when you choose it as circumstances change, but it will help to know all the available options.

There are three overall categories of boat storage and they are in water boat storage, dry outdoor boat storage, and dry boat storage indoors. Let’s explore these in-depth to gain a better understanding of which fits your specific needs best.

Source: Life Storage


If you live in a temperate area where the winters are not too bad or simply don’t exist then this is a viable option. Be sure to winterize your boat to protect it from the chilled waters. If you know the area you live in gets a lot of ice, then add an agitator to the boat to keep the water from freezing around it. This is a great option for larger vessels that are inconvenient to store in dry outdoor and indoor storage.



If you happen to have your own dock where you can install a boat lift to raise the vessel out of the water that is a great option. I know this is not practical for everyone, but if doable a boat lift is private boat storage and utterly convenient. Otherwise purchasing a trailer to transport your vessel allows you to park anywhere of your choosing. This method of storage offers a lot of freedom as to where you can take your boat, not to mention the cheapest form of storage.

Source: Discover Boating


If you only utilize your boat during primetime warm months and don’t plan on taking it out during the winter months then consider indoor boat storage. It offers the most protection from all elements and will require little to no maintenance when returning to the water come the summer season. Be sure to choose a place that has good security and you can only gain access with an employee. This ensures your boat will be protected from theft and vandalism.

An important part of choosing the right type of storage for you is doing your own research as to what in your local area is in your price range. Costs will vary depending on states, cities, and towns due to the differences in the cost of living. The size of your vessel will either expand your options or limit them.


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