Advantages to Buying a Used Boat

Advantages to Buying a Used Boat

Not everything that is new and fresh off the manufacturing line is worth the investment, especially when it comes to purchasing a new boat vs a used one. There are many factors as to why a used boat is a better investment in the long run. We have chosen the most noteworthy advantages that are sure to guide your buying decision and hopefully encourage you to buy a used vessel!


New boats are fresh on the market and are being sold for an upcharge price. As soon as that boat is moved off the lot it will depreciate in value. You are never going to be able to receive the price you bought the boat for when you choose to sell it later on. Used boats are priced after the depreciation has happened, therefore you are paying the real market value for that vessel. 

You have may have contemplated having to take out a loan to buy a new boat which only means more money being spent. Used boats are always priced low and some dealers even offer in-house financing.

More Availbility 

New boats are often at showrooms or only carried at specific dealerships making them more difficult to compare your options. There is little flexibility when shopping around because the boat model you may be interested in isn’t in stock nearby. Used boat sales operate differently because they are advertised on marine dealers’ websites online. Many online retailers have physical locations or boatyards where you are able to look at the boat in person. 

Boat dealers will have listings on their website where you are able to expand the details to view more information. Many even have professional photos attached so you are able to view pictures of the boat before reaching out to the broker. This is a simplified process of buying if you reach out to a broker, they are able to help you find what you are looking for without overspending. 

Buy Used Not New

You will save more money buying a used boat to which you could put towards upgrades on the vessel or for fun water toys. Used boats are available immediately and are ready to be taken for a spin on the water after purchasing. Some new boats are months behind in production times and you could be waiting for about six months to a year to see your vessel. Save yourself the headache and strain on your wallet and buy used. 


We pride ourselves on a sense of urgency and fair wholesale offers based on the true market value of your vessel. We have a proven process for both buyers and sellers to liquidate their used boats and trades immediately upon contact. We have been the trusted industry leader in wholesaling boats since 2012, and we plan on keeping this strong reputation for many years to come. Fill out the form below and get the wholesaling process started today!

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