60th Anniversary Big Rock Fish Blue Marlin Tournament

60th Anniversary Big Rock Fish Blue Marlin Tournament



The Big Rock Tournament is a premier sport fishing tournament on the Eastern Coast that happens each year during the summer and is one of the biggest and oldest sport fishing tournaments in the country. The tournament takes place in Morehead City, NC and this past tournament that just happened in June was the 60th anniversary of the Big Rock Tournament. 

The idea behind the fishing tournament is to have a fun sense of competition, bonding, community, and adventure. Even though most of the winners get nice prizes, the focus of the tournament is about donating money to cancer research and other local causes in the community. 




This tournament brings together fishermen from all over the region to fish for some amazing blue marlin and have a fun time doing it as well. The history behind this tournament is quite interesting for many who do not know. It is hard to believe but, blue marlins were not always easily found near the North Carolina coast. However, in 1957 this theory was proven wrong by a man named Jimmy Croix who reeled in a 143-pound blue marlin and everyone was shocked! After years and years of people telling this story, the actual location was never found but it is suspected that Croix pulled the blue marlin out of the water and over the Big Rock. 


( “Atlantic Blues” – Blue Marlin by Crittenden Studio )

The Big Rock provides an ideal environment for the smaller types of fish that blue marlins love to eat. Once this environment was discovered by fishermen, the Big Rock Tournament became a huge hit across the region. To enter the tournament, you must register and pay the entry fee which can range from $1000-5000. After registering for the tournament, the ticket includes a full week of good food and different events. Every year all the fishermen have a great time and it is a fun way to keep in touch with the fishing community! 




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