10 Tips For Better Boat Photos!

10 Tips For Better Boat Photos!

If you have ever taken a look at Craigslist, you have seen some of the photos which inspired this post…dirty boats, too few photos, low-resolution images. Great photos lead to quicker sales and less time to answer questions. The following tips can be applied to boats or just taking better photos in general…Enjoy!

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1.  Wide Angle Shots

Wide-angle shots are becoming a common sight with the popularity of GoPro’s. We here at Off The Hook use a GoPro to capture a better projection of small enclosed spaces and overall features on a boat. Wide-angle shots can make your boat stand out and will attract buyers who wants to see every corner.

2. Shoot During the Magic Hour

While the exact “magic hour” time frame varies among photographers, it is usually a time period right before sunset and/or after sunrise where the light is softer and makes for great photos. Commonly used for portrait shots, it also is a great time to take boat photos that will not be blinding white and “wash out” the exposure. Shots during this time make for great feature photos for you vessel.

3.  Learn Basic Editing Techniques

Due to the amount of reflected light, boat photos often come out looking washed out. Using your computers basic editing software, utilize the Brightness/Contrast tool and try adding contrast while pulling back on brightness. If you have the Shadow/Highlight tool, play around and look for what really makes your photos pop. Also remember to crop out anything that is not what the image is aiming to portray.

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4.  Utilize a Nice Camera

While an iPhone or Android phone can take high-end photos…it is hard to compete with a nice D-SLR such as a Canon or Nikon. If you do not own one, ask around as one of your friends most likely does. Be sure to know what format you are shooting in as you may need special software to be able to edit the photos. Higher quality photos allow for potential buyers to zoom in and save you time on explaining small details.

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5. Think Like the Buyer

If you were the one purchasing the boat…what would you look for? Be sure to take pictures of the inside of fish boxes, multiple angles of the transom, and any little features that make your boat stand out. Excluding certain areas may lead to suspicion in a buyer so it is best to include as many angles of the boat as possible.

6. Check your Background

Potential buyers do not want to see cleaning supplies lying around on the deck or on the ground. Remove any personal items from the boat as well to accurately reflect the”as new”as possible aspect. A good habit is to inspect the background of each photo before you post as it can be hard to pickup on when you are solely focused on the boat!

7. Highlight the Best Features

Installed LED’s? Perfect powder coat? Awesome electronics? Show off the selling points with specific photos highlighting these areas. Late night photos showing LED’s or a cockpit shot with all electronics can pull in a buyer. Be sure to mention these items to your broker or in your own listing as well.

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8. Show Electronics On

As mentioned above, many buyers want to know how “turn-key” the boat is…by turning on all electronics and taking a picture, the question is easily answered. Lights, photos of pumps working, and any other functions that can be displayed in working order should be included in a photo set.

9. Attention to order of listing

A photo of the trailer followed by a bilge pump won’t exactly lead your buyer on a correct journey. Start with the outside and order the photos as if the buyer were hopping on board and examining the boat. Generally, photos of the back end of electronics, bilge, etc. will come last.

10. Take More Than You Think

It is not fun to get home and see that you missed an entire area of the boat. Take as many photos as you can handle! Grab serial numbers and all extras that come with the boat. For personal use, capture any problematic areas that need to be addressed so they can be easily sent out for quotes.

While we have mentioned only 10, there are tons of ideas out there for taking better boat photos. Have any of you own? Let us know!

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